About Us

Welcome to Soya Kings

Soya kings is the brand name of the soya products launched by SHUDHAM INTERNATION PVT. LTD.  under its food division.

Since our formation SOYA KINGS has always strived toward a vision of promoting healthy eating among INDIAN consumers. While tofu is widely popular in other Asian countries and WEST, we still have a long way to go before it earns diet-staple status in the INDIA. We will continue to work hard until we gain the wide recognition that our healthy products deserve. Our highest priority is bringing new ideas to Indian people about what tofu is and how it can be incorporated in theirs and their families’ diets.

We know that as our company grows, so does our responsibility to the environment. While working to direct food trends in the INDIA toward healthy ingredients, we also intend to extend our reach from promoting a healthy diet to promoting a healthy environment. I speak on behalf of all of SOYA KINGS when I pledge our constant contribution to the enrichment of global environmental protection. Our most recent installation of latest technology at our manufacturing unit, but there is always room for improvement and growth.

SOYA KINGS continues to be a family-friendly company that consistently satisfies our consumers while keeping sustainability top-of-mind. All of our tofu is made from  Non-GMO soybeans with the highest quality. Delivering smiles and happiness to generations of health-conscious families is our number one priority.

Rajeev Sharma