Flavoured Milk


Soya milk, sugar, contains permitted colours and flavours. RO treated water used

Soya Benefits

Helpful for strong bones and muscles.

Lactose free-easy to diegest.

Memory booster for kids.

Good for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Nutritional Facts per 100ml (Approx)

Proteins 3.20 gm

Energy  64 K cal

Fat 1.30 gm

Carbohydrats  9.70 gm

a) Of which sugar is 8.20 gm

Calcium 15.00 gm

Phsphorus 0.44 gm

Iron 0.5 mg

How to use :

Shake well & serve chilled

Store away from direct sunlight.

Best before within 4 days from the date of manufacturing when store under refrigeration continuously at 4°C t0 8°C.