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Soya kings is the brand name of the soya products launched by SHUDHAM INDIA PVT. LTD. under its food division.

Since our formation, SOYA KINGS has always strived toward a vision of promoting healthy eating among INDIAN consumers. While tofu is widely popular in other Asian countries and WEST, we still have a long way to go before it earns diet-staple status in the INDIA. We will continue to work hard until we gain the wide recognition that our healthy products deserve. Our highest priority is bringing new ideas to Indian people about what tofu is and how it can be incorporated in theirs and their families’ diets.

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Our Products

Soya Paneer Masala

Soya Flavoured Milk

Soya Paneer Tofu

Soya Milk

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How to make it

To prepare gravy. heat oil and add onions and ginger. Cook till light brown. Add tomatoes. Cook till they turn. pulpy and oil seperates.


How to make it

Fry the Capsicum ‘onion in oil, lightly. Add salt and green chillies. Add tofu and stir lightly. Add soya sauce and stir. Take the pan off the stove.


How to make it

Make the stuffing by mixing the Tofu onion, cabbage. coriander, green chillies and salt. Kneed the dough, make small portion, and stuff with tofu mixture.


How to make it

Cut tofu to 1″ cubes. Soak in warm saltwater. Drain Tofu from saltwater and Marinate the Tofu In the above paste for 15 minutes.

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